Steps to prepare for your first visit:

Your First Visit to Our Office

The initial dental examination is the most important event in the entire oral health program of the patient. At this time, the patient has his or her current oral status carefully assessed by a professional and a treatment plan is designed to meet your dental needs, which includes a comprehensive dental program to bring you to complete dental health.

During your first visit, the dentist will review with you your medical and dental history, including:

• Sufficient x-rays to complete your dental exam
• A comprehensive periodontal (gum) evaluation
• Evaluation for tooth decay
• Soft tissue examination of the lips, tongue and oral cavity
• Orthodontic Screening Evaluation

Based on our findings at this time, we will determine your treatment plan and schedule your next appointment to begin your dental care. As part of your personal treatment plan, your dentist and hygienist will work closely with you on a preventive program to minimize costly dental problems in the future.

A comprehensive oral examination is performed to determine any changes in the patient’s dental or medical health status since a previous examination. The Front Desk will schedule your return visits to begin your routine dental care needs.

To Schedule your appointment, please call (619) 440 - 9211
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